MSDS of LIFEPO4 battery

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Product Identification
Product Name: Lithium-ion Rechargeable Battery
Chemical System: Lithium-ion
2.COMPOSITION / INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS IMPORTANT NOTE The battery cell should not be opened or exposed to heat because exposure to the following ingredients contained within could be harmful under some circumstances.

Weight % Component CASNo. PEL TLV
40 Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) None Established None Established
30 Graphite(C) 7782-42-5 2.5mg/m2(asdust) 2.5mg/m2(as dust)
10 Organic Electrolyte N.A None Established None Established
5 Polyvinylidene Fluoride(PVDF) 24937-79- 8 None Established None Established
5 Aluminium 7429-90-5 None Established None Established
5 Copper 7440-50-8 None Established None Established
Weight %listed is based on approximate percent of the average weight of the battery

For the battery cell, chemical materials are stored in a hermetically sealed Aluminum laminated case, designed to withstand temperatures and pressures encountered during normal use. As a result, during normal use, there is no physical danger of ignition or explosion and chemical

danger of hazardous materials' leakage.
However, if exposed to a fire, added mechanical shocks, decomposed, added electric stress by miss-use, the gas release vent will be operated. The battery cell case will be breached at the extreme, hazardous materials may be released.
Moreover, if heated strongly by the surrounding fire, acrid gas may be emitted.
・Most important hazard and effects
Human health effects:
Inhalation: The steam of the electrolyte has an anesthesia action and stimulates a respiratory tract.
Skin contact: The steam of the electrolyte stimulates a skin. The electrolyte skin contact causes a sore and a stimulation on the skin.
Eye contact: The steam of the electrolyte stimulates eyes. The electrolyte eye contact causes a sore and a stimulation on the eye. Especially, substance that causes a strong inflammation of the eyes is contained.
Environmental effects: Since a battery cell remains in the environment, do not throw out it into
the environment.
・Specific hazards:
If the electrolyte contacts with water, it will generate detrimental hydrogen fluoride. Since the leaked electrolyte is inflammable liquid, do not bring close to fire.
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