NI-CD Pocket Plate battery

Detail Introduction of NI-CD Battery
CIYI Nickel-Cadmium Rechargeable battery can be divided into four different models according to difference applications and also discharging current :
Low discharge rate series (CYL Series):CYL10AH to CYL1200AH
Medium discharge rate series: CYM10AH to CYM1200AH
High discharge Rate series: CYH20AH to CYH800AH
Ultra high discharge rate series: CYX10AH to CYX250AH
CYL, CYM, CYH series is made by Pocket plate, which have the properties of rigid construction, excellent discharge performance to over charge and over discharge, low self-discharge, High Reliability and easy maintenance.

Low discharge rate NI-CD battery (CYL) Series is suitable for the application, that discharging current is lower than 0.5ItA, designed for general purpose and standby applications, such as lighting on the train,operation of circuit break, UPS, telecommunication,operation of communication equipments on a ship lighting and air
conditioner control on a train,etc.

CYM Series
Medium discharge rate NI-CD battery (CYM) Series is applicable for those, that the discharging current is between 0.5ItA to 3.5ItA, and working time between 30 minutes to 5 hours, such as railway DC power sources, UPS ( Over 30mins), Gas Turbine control, Auxiliary power source for power stations, chemical plants, oil refineries, iron

CYH Series
High discharge rate NI-CD battery (CYH Series) is applicable for those, that discharging current is between 3.5ItA to 7ItA, suitable for High discharge rate application, such as UPS (Up to 30 mins), Switchgear tripping and
closing,engine starting, Control of DC motor, water treatment plants etc.

CYX Series
Ultra High Discharge rate NI-CD Battery (CYX series) is made by sintered type battery plate, which have the properties of rigid construction, small internal resistance, long service life, resistance to over charge and discharge, wide operation temperature (-40°C to +60°C), High reliability ,Ultra high discharge rate , which is applicable for those, that discharging current is between (7ItA to 10ItA), the peak current can be 30 ItA, etc, such as the usage in the filed of military, aviation,railway vehicles, AGV, electric power system, boat, internal-combustion engine, Switchgear Tripping and Closing etc.

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